2019 Technical Committee

Meet the phenomenal Industry Leaders behind the event

Azmi Hashim

Principal Engineer, Instrument & Control, PETRONAS

Ir. Chua Kien Kek

Custodian Engineer, PETRONAS

Ir. Chua Kien Kek graduated with a B.ENG in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from U.K. Master Analytical Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis, University Malaya. He is a registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. Currently holding the position as Custodian Engineer for Measurement, Instrument department in Project Delivery & Technology (PD&T), PETRONAS, providing consultancy and technical advisory services to the PETRONAS Group. He has worked in PETRONAS in the analyzer and custody metering field for more than 30 years.

Ir. Surendran Kandasamy

Principal Engineer - Machinery Control, PETRONAS

Principal Engineer, Machinery Control Surendran has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Instrumentation and Control specializing in the field of Machinery Control. He is a certified TUV Functional Safety Engineer and a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia. He started his career in 2002 as an Instrument and Controls Engineer at MTBE Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a petrochemical facility owned by PETRONAS. He subsequently moved to PETRONAS Group Technical Solutions in 2010 where he still serves as a technical consultant. In his role, he provides consultancy on design, specifications and troubleshooting to PETRONAS operating units and projects. His expertise and passion is predominantly in the areas of Turbomachinery Control Systems, Functional Safety Assessments and Process Control Optimization. He is also actively involved in standards development and coaching of young engineers in PETRONAS.

Ir. Michael Ng Chien Han

I&C Technical Professional Engineer, PETRONAS

Michael Ng has been with Petronas for more than 13 years. He has spent his initial years maintaining Instruments at a Malaysian Ammonia plant, before joining Petronas Group Technical Solutions (GTS) where he has provided technical consultancy to the group until today. He has worked as part of the team that developed the Petronas 3D FIre and Gas Mapping Software, along with the group's methodology. He has also been Lead I&C Engineer for the PLFNG-2 project during detail engineering and the RAPID Project through the detail engineering and construction phases. He is currently focusing on group-wide OT Cyber Security.

Mohd Rashdan Mahmood

Head (Technical Excellence), Upstream Centre of Excellence (COE) and Business Technical Authority (Instrument & Control), PETRONAS

Prakash Kumar Karunakaran

Group Technical Authority for APC, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)

Prakash Kumar Karunakaran is the Group Technical Authority / Custodian for Advanced Process Control (or APC) in PETRONAS. In this role, he is accountable to drive higher value creation and lower energy costs by the application of online advanced statistical models that fully automate facilities in PETRONAS. After nearly 20 years in LNG and Refining, he moved to a centralized Process and Engineering consultancy called Group Technical Solutions or GTS. This internal consultancy serves all PETRONAS operating entities and occasionally external parties. His other roles includes being the Digital Lead for GTS.

Shah Rizal

Custodian Engineer (Instrument & Control), PETRONAS

Shah Rizal is currently Custodian Engineer (Instrument & Control) with PETRONAS Group Technical Solutions (GTS) and the Group Technical Authority in Instrument and Control for PETRONAS. He has been with the organization for 20 years now. His key expertise covers broad spectrum of instrumentation, systems and functional safety, with several technical papers published locally and internationally since 2002. He is currently the Chaiman for SIRIM Working Group for Industrial Networks, Technical Advisory Committee for the Manpower Department of Ministry of Human Resource, Expert panel member for IEC, certified TÜV Functional Safety Engineer and Industry Advisory Panel member for UTP. Apart from his day-to-day job, he also does adjunct lecturing at UTP and ADTEC. He initiated the development of the PETRONAS Technical Standard (PTS) for Alarm Management in 2007 and has since been actively involved in the functional safety management improvement activities across the businesses in PETRONAS

Ir. Zhafran B A Aziz

Staff Engineer, PETRONAS

Zhafran is a Staff Engineer with PETRONAS Group Technical solutions and has been with the organization for 15 years. He specializes in the area of functional safety and leads a team performing SIL Analysis and Alarm Rationalization review for PETRONAS capital projects and operating assets. He is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and is also a certified TUV Functional Safety Engineer. Prior to his current position, he served as an Instrument and Control engineer at one of PETRONAS's petrochemical facility in the east coast of Malaysia. There, he was responsible in formulating the maintenance policies, strategies and programs for plant instrumentations and controls including turbomachinery system to ensure their reliability and integrity to support safe and sustainable operations of PETRONAS's cash generators. In his current role he also provides consultancy on design and specification for projects as well as technical support, assessment and troubleshooting services for operating units. He holds a BEng in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Imperial College London.